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We are a virtual Shepherd rescue (do not house dogs here, only post them on the website). We help match people by keeping a list of people who are looking for an adult Shepherd and people who can no longer care for theirs for one reason or another. If you are either of these, please call 701-526-3633 or email

We are also looking for foster homes, people willing to house and care for a GSD until a forever home can be found.



If you feel you can no longer keep your pet:

  • Ask friends, family, relatives, co-workers and anybody you know to help get the word out that you are looking for a home for your pet.  There is a good chance that somebody might know somebody who knows somebody, and so on, who is looking for a pet.  It will be a much smoother transition for your pet to move from your home into a new home versus going to a homeless animal shelter.
  • Put an ad in the newspaper. Ask for a re-homing fee - only give away to people you know. Remember, you don't have to give your dog to the first person who answers the ad.  Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions, or even ask to see where your pet would be living.  Use your best judgment when interviewing potential new owners, and go with your gut feeling about people.
  • Place a free ad with us. We ask that potential adopters fill out a questionnaire first before giving them your contact info.
  • Make flyers to hang around town.  Ask storeowners if you may place flyers in their store.  Try to post flyers in high traffic locations - grocery stores, animal supply stores, veterinary clinics and gas stations, for example.
  • Call your local humane society.  Try to use this as a last resort.  Owner-surrendered animals have a harder time adjusting to shelter life, and in many cases, become depressed or develop anxiety.

Courtesy Posting, 9/19/2014

Shadow, 1 year old male, Park Rapids, MN


 His name is Shadow and he is at a shelter in MN. He is a wonderful dog. He is about a year old and he is healthy. He weighs about 60lbs and is just a happy go lucky guy. I have attached a photo so you can see what we are working with. He is dominant with other dogs and wants to mount and be a boss (doesn't try to start fights, just mounts). This is not an issue for us because he is good with dogs that have no issue with him being the dominant one. A few families came in with children of all ages infant to teens and he was fine here playing fetch and running with the kids and such. This went well and he seemed to not mind them and he played just fine and they could pet him and everything was okay. But we did place him in a home with kids and things did not work out so well. So he needs to go in a home without children.

Courtesy Postings: These dogs are not in the care of Gaardog Shepherds and are being posted as a courtesy to their owner. Unless specifically stated to the contrary, Gaardog Shepherds has not evaluated, met, or in any other way, interacted with these animals. Consequently, Gaardog Shepherds makes no representation as to the temperament, health, or suitability of these dogs.



The Mondak Humane ociety
Williston, ND
701-577-PETS (7387)


The Central Dakota Humane Society
Mandan, ND

4 Luv of Dog Rescue
Fargo, ND
701- 205-0190.

Fargo, ND


Souris Valley Animal Shelter
Minot, ND

Montana German Shepherd Rescue
Hamilton, MT

 Paws for Life Animal League and Riverton Animal Adoption Center
Riverton, WY

Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue
White Shepherd Rescue
Denver, CO



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